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Day Two: Thursday 17 May 2018

*Please note that this agenda will be subject to revision as speakers are confirmed

  • 08:45

    Breakfast briefing, hosted by BBC Global News

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  • 09:50

    Keynote: Marketing and Branding: how they are evolving? - and what it means for city and nation brands

    We have now entered the Human-centric era (Marketing 3.0), where customers should be seen as ‘humans’ and businesses should attempt to touch their spirit. This keynote address will focus on:

    • The product-customer- and human-centricity aspects of city and nation brands
    • The new customer path of 5A (Aware-Appeal-Ask-Act-Advocate) in the current Marketing 4.0 era and why advocacy in the digital age can make or break a city or nation brand’s Online Performance.
    • The need for ‘high-touch’ in the hi-tech digital world and how city and nation brands can adopt it
  • 10:15

    Ideals, ideas and DNA: understanding the different branding challenges for cities, nations and places

    • What it means to brand or position a city, nation or place
    • Why they are different and why they must aspire to different goals
    • Lessons learned from Brand India, London, the Bay Area and Singapore, as well as from private sector retail development
  • 10:40


    The secrets of branding Japan: from Tokyo to Okinawa via Hiroshima and Kyoto

    • Strategic examples of branding and (in the case of Hiroshima) re-branding Japan's cities, to attract tourism, trade and retain talent.
    • The role that cultural diplomacy is playing, reinforcing Japan's position on the world stage
    • How city branding fits with Japan's approach to nation branding
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  • 11:45

    Working with the private sector: leveraging the place of origin factor & implementing private sector marketing skills to build your place brand

    • The impact of Place of Origin, design, food and festivals on place brands
    • How private sector marketing skills can be applied to place branding and marketing
    • Case study: Using place brand strategy to promote your city, nation or region in India
    Hakuei Kosato
    Hakuei Kosato
    Founder, La Ditta
  • 12:05


    The role of the private sector in raising the profile of nation, city or region brands on the world stage

    • Drawing on experience of Philippine’s IT-BPM Industry Brand, this case study will illustrate how linkages between industry, academia and government are essential to the creation of a nation brand
  • 13:00

    Lunch & Networking

  • 14:30

    Placebranding and foreign direct investment: why reputation matters and how it affects a region's ability to attract FDI

    • What it takes to establish your brand, create a positive image for your region and why doing so is critical in investment attraction
    • First-hand experience of mistakes that have been made in the past, and how intermediaries can help you overcome these challenges
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  • 15:30

    CASE STUDY DUBAI : Leveraging culture in placemaking and place branding

    Insight into how cultural spaces and destinations can change and reinforce perceptions of cities and nations on the world stage and boost creative economies. 

  • 15:55

    Communications strategy: insight and inspiration from case studies of award winning approaches to place brand communication

    Introduced & moderated by Reno Ong, Content Strategist, T Brand Studio at The New York Times

    • CASE STUDY: TASMANIA - How to build a focused and powerful place brand by uncovering and activating your master story
    • CASE STUDY: HONG KONG Case study - Hong Kong: Place brand communication to attract foreign direct investment: 
    • CASE STUDY: NEPAL - Using new platforms and ideas to attract tourism through the Experience Nepal campaign
  • 16:55

    Summing Up

  • 17:00

    Close, followed by networking drinks