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2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges for place brand and marketing leaders around the world. City Nation Place Latin America & Caribbean took place as a virtual conference during the World Congress, bringing together perspectives from across the region.

If you missed the conference, it's not too late to benefit from the ideas and learnings shared by our speakers. PURCHASE a Congress Content Package for just £95 to access all the content for the City Nation Place World Congress - 48 recorded sessions focusing on recovery strategies for tourism, investment promotion, and economic development; nation, region, and city branding; and marketing, PR, and design for place brands.

Nine key takeways from the City Nation Place LatAm & Caribbean conference:

  • Management of the pandemic has polarised global opinions of nations of the LatAm region – Brazil, Ecuador, and Mexico have the worst crisis management ratios, whilst El Salvador is perceived to have managed the crisis really well
  • Diversifying economies, building connectivity, and place-to-place collaboration should be a key focus for places across the LatAm and Caribbean regions to create more resilient nations, cities, and regions
  • Cities and regions are recognising that creating a cohesive place brand strategy and story creates better opportunities to grow tourism and investment promotion
  • The rebuilding of tourism will depend upon setting high healthcare standards and using technology to improve tourism management
  • Rebuilding better means identifying who delivers value for your place – the right visitors, the right investors
  • Be clever about using data – there are opportunities to leverage data that do not require high levels of investment
  • We should not talk about “recovery”, we should not want to go back to what was there before, we should be talking about “rethinking”
  • Governments must work to be nimble with private sector and work with private sector and cultural sector on soft power initiatives
  • Only strategies designed with and for citizens will have a chance of success

Given the challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean at the present time, being able to share best practice and experience is crucial to ensuring the region recovers as quickly as is safe. I’m delighted to be working with City Nation Place as an ambassador as we rebuild for a more resilient and sustainable future.

Pepe Sandoval, Former Director of Institutional Relations for Mexico's Nation Brand & Ambassador for City Nation Place LatAm & Caribbean


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