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The first City Nation Place LatAm & Caribbean conference will provide a high-level forum for government teams and place marketing organisations to explore successful strategies for tourism and economic development. Join us in Costa Rica, perhaps one of the most successful nation brands in the region, to learn from international experts and case studies.

Delegates attending the conference will leave the event with an improved understanding of how a collaborative approach to place branding can drive economic success – enaging civic pride, attracting talent, providing a more sustainable approach to tourism development, building international reputation, and attracting investment.

10 reasons why you should attend City Nation Place LatAm & Caribbean…

  • Learn how to build a place branding strategy that is fit for today and tomorrow’s globalised economy
  • Be inspired by The New Zealand Story and understand how an effective place brand strategy can provide resilience in times of trouble
  • Understand how city brands across the region are emerging on to the world stage and learn from the progress of Antofogasta in Chile
  • Understand how creative placemaking can have a positive impact on place reputation for citizens, visitors and investors
  • Identify relevant opportunities for your own nation or city from McKinsey’s research into growth opportunities
  • Learn the techniques for successful place brand storytelling on the world stage from CNN and the Jamaica Tourist Board
  • Focus on strategies for managing the media messaging around more challenging issues and learn from Puerto Rico’s recovery story
  • Understand how to effectively engage the private sector in investment promotion and tourism development – learn from the current experience of tourism authorities in Mexico
  • Explore more sustainable approaches to tourism and economic development and hear from Claudia Dobles, the First Lady of Costa Rica, how the government plans to ensure that the country is carbon-free by 2050
  • Meet, network, and learn with the leading decision-makers for tourism and economic development from cities and countries across South America, Central America, and the Caribbean


City Nation Place is a window to share initiatives that promote economic development in different places. Costa Rica is a small country with a big vision centred on the development of talent as an essential tool for the diversification of exports and the specialization of foreign investment. With the consideration that the first step for the development of talent is to share knowledge, this is the ideal event to do it.

Dyala Jimenez Figueres, Minister of Foreign Trade, Costa Rica

Join us to:

  • Understand how to benefit from the halo effect: how nations and cities across Latin America and The Caribbean are benefitting from improved collaboration between tourism and economic development teams
  • Find out how to engage citizens in the vision for your city, nation or place and how to leverage this engagement to deliver more effective and equitable economic benefits
  • Develop your approaches to digital and social media communication to support tourism marketing and economic development strategies
  • Identify the markets of maximum opportunity for your city, nation or place
  • Understand how sustainability and authenticity need to be more than buzz words
  • Learn how to build an effective long-term place brand strategy that provides the necessary short-term returns to ensure continued funding and support

International Keynote Speaker Confirmed

Rebecca Smith, Director, New Zealand Story

A recent SKIFT “megatrends” forecast predicted great things for international tourism and its beneficial impact for the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean over the next decade - but also highlighted the ongoing challenges that will impact on global reputation.

A collaborative place branding strategy for your city or nation will ensure that your places is more resilient in the face of the challenges and able to seize the opportunities. City Nation Place LatAm & Caribbean will provide a roadmap for your place brand – we look forward to seeing you there.

Email info@citynationplace.com for information on delegate pricing and partnership opportunities

Advisory Board

We are proud to be the host country of the first City Nation Place Latin America & Caribbean. As a country known for our commitment to sustainability, it’s our goal to share the best practices that we’ve developed as a sustainable nation and destination - looking for that balance that we will leave to future generations of Costa Rica and the world. Welcome!

María Amalia Revelo Raventos, Minister of Tourism, Costa Rica

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