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The first City Nation Place LatAm & Caribbean conference provided a high-level forum for government teams and place marketing organisations to explore successful strategies for tourism and economic development.

The conference took place in Costa Rica, perhaps one of the most successful nation brands in the region, the delegates learnt from international experts and case studies.

Delegates who attended the conference left the event with an improved understanding of how a collaborative approach to place branding can drive economic success – engaging civic pride, attracting talent, providing a more sustainable approach to tourism development, building international reputation, and attracting investment.

10 key takeaways from the City Nation Place LatAm conference:

  • The brand is the foundation, the thread that should run through all your place storytelling.
  • Place brands should be built on values, and every strategic decision and marketing communication should reflect those values.
  • Places are about people. People make places.
  • Focus on how your citizens, tourists and business visitors experience your place. Focus on placemaking.
  • It takes years to build the reputation for your place – but you can lose that reputation in five minutes if you don’t have a crisis management plan in place.
  • Organizational structures that protect your place brand and place marketing strategy from political change and provide longer-term stability will be more effective
  • To engage effectively with the private sector, you need to build confidence in the long-term place strategy and be fully transparent
  • Data, data, data. Use data to inform sustainable tourism and economic development. Use data to ensure more effectively targeted marketing communications.
  • Your place brand must also be a digital place brand: digital reputation management is as important for investment promotion as it is for tourism attraction.
  • Every place brand strategy should be focused on sustainable destination management – for the health and happiness of citizens and the planet.


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Confirmed speakers included:

City Nation Place is a window to share initiatives that promote economic development in different places. Costa Rica is a small country with a big vision centred on the development of talent as an essential tool for the diversification of exports and the specialization of foreign investment. With the consideration that the first step for the development of talent is to share knowledge, this is the ideal event to do it.

Dyala Jimenez Figueres, Minister of Foreign Trade, Costa Rica


Advisory Board

We are proud to be the host country of the first City Nation Place Latin America & Caribbean. As a country known for our commitment to sustainability, it’s our goal to share the best practices that we’ve developed as a sustainable nation and destination - looking for that balance that we will leave to future generations of Costa Rica and the world. Welcome!

María Amalia Revelo Raventos, Minister of Tourism, Costa Rica


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