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Place brand strategies for a more resilient future

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges for place brand and marketing leaders around the world. The City Nation Place Asia Pacific conference took place as a virtual conference, as part of our World Congress, bringing together perspectives on recovery strategies from across the region.

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Nine key takeways from the City Nation Place Asia Pacific conference:

  • South Korea and Singapore are the places which clearly show that their management of the crisis has had a good impact on their global reputation
  • Bring everyone into your place brand story to provide a focal point for rebuilding your place economy
  • Don’t under-estimate your citizens’ connection to and understanding of their sense of place - involve them in telling your place brand story to the world
  • Embrace the increasing pace of digital transformation in your strategies for tourism development and investment promotion
  • Place brand and marketing teams should focus on bringing hope and optimism to their place communities
  • Collaboration and partnerships are the bedrock of creative, resilient responses to crises
  • Investors will be looking for countries and cities that can offer business continuity in the face of future shocks – connectivity, infrastructure and great public health systems
  • Business events should be seen as part of the solution, not the problem – in a world of hybrid events, stronger connections between convention teams and economic development teams [rather than tourism] will make more sense
  • Across the Asia-Pacific region, the impact of the pandemic on connectivity and global talent trends will create new opportunities for second cities

The City Nation Place line-up reinstated the Asia Pacific region, as the centre for cutting-edge initiatives and innovative case-studies, leading to stimulating discussions and new networking opportunities and collaborations globally

Vilma Jurkute, Director Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

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