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DAY ONE: Wednesday, May 11

09.00am – 11.00am: Pittsburgh Innovation District Tour - FULLY BOOKED

Often called a ‘city within a city,’ Oakland is truly one of Pittsburgh’s most vibrant and independent neighborhoods. The dynamic pulse of the Innovation District is centered in the Oakland community and rooted in the world-class research of Carnegie Mellon University, UPMC, and University of Pittsburgh.


The district unites talent, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit with the support, culture, and capital that allow innovators to thrive. Participants will get a driving tour of Oakland and neighborhoods shaping the region’s economic future, including walking stops at Pittsburgh Technology Centre and Hazelwood Green, a 178-acre former steel mill site, which will serve as a hub for advanced manufacturing life sciences, and deep tech.


Afternoon conference:

DAY TWO: Thursday, May 12

8.00 - 8.45am: Breakfast briefing: The Imminent Demise of Unconsented Travel Data

Zeek Coleman, Head of Marketing for Tourism & Hospitality at Adara, explains how Apple & Google’s changes will impact our industry and change the accuracy and availability of travel data. Learn how you can future-proof yourself against these changes.

If you would like to join the breakfast briefing, please apply to join the Adara team when registering for the conference 

  • 08:30

    Registration for Day Two [Tea, coffee, juice, pastries]

  • 09:00

    Welcome back & introduction to day two

  • 09:05

    Morning keynote: Leveraging tourism and international events to improve the quality of life for our citizens

    • Tackling the difficult conversations: recognising the challenges as well as the opportunities of hosting major events
    • Why and how destination marketing organisations can focus on being part of the solution to the economic challenges facing our cities
    • How to collaborate effectively with local BIDS, Chambers, and the community is an essential part of planning
    • Ensuring that the investments made to support an events-based strategy deliver sustainable benefits for the quality of life for citizens
  • 09:30

    Locals first to locals last?

    Destination marketing and economic development organisations have spent the last two years focussed on supporting local businesses, talking to their citizens, and promoting local tourism – what happens now?

    • What’s been learned from the local focus necessitated by Covid?
    • How should the organisations driving economic and tourism development manage local relationships for the longer-term?
    Matt Haggman
    Matt Haggman EVP, Beacon Council, Miami
  • 10:05

    Changing the way places talk about talent and skills in a more competitive marketplace

    • How are places talking about the skills and talents they can offer investors?
    • How are places talking about their attributes to attract digital nomads and remote workers?
    • With the need to focus on attracting people rather than just corporates, does it make sense for economic development organisations to work more effectively with destination marketing organisations?
  • 10:45

    Refreshments & networking

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  • 13:10


  • 13:55

    Inspiration Station

    Join us for a series of quick-fire presentations from places who are thinking outside of the box as they put themselves back on the map post-COVID. Including:

    • How Travel Manitoba are leveraging new platforms to reach Gen Z audiences
    • How Discover Puerto Rico partnered with Pantone to launch a brand new colour, “Puerto Rico Sunshine” to share some of their sunshine with the rest of the world.
    • How Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto collaborated on a joint marketing campaign to make bigger impact
    • How Helsinki Partners worked with their citizens to develop the Helsinki Freedom brand and how they’re threading those values through their communication strategy
    • How Copenhagen Capacity used WorldPride as a spring board to promote Copenhagen to international talent by developing a (fake) dating app for the city
    Anu Koski
    Anu Koski Project Manager, Talent Attraction, Helsinki Partners
  • 14:25

    Round Table discussions

    Join fellow delegates in groups of 10 for moderated discussion on a range of topics.  Sign up to the topics of most interest to you to share your challenges and successes and learn from other places’ approach.

    Confirmed topics:

    Using insights to improve the lives of residents and evolve destination attractiveness for visitors, moderated by Ted Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Zartico

    How the public and private sector can work together for more purposeful development and place shaping, moderated by Rob Hunden, CEO, Hunden Strategic Partners

    Joining the dots between attracting visitors, remote workers, and new citizens, moderated by Moriya Frankel, NBI Program Lead, Ipsos North America

    What organizations should be thinking and doing to strengthen Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within their marketing strategies, moderated by Bettina Garibaldi, SVP & Managing Director of Ketchum Travel, Hospitality & Leisure

    Lessons learned from the recent period of adaptation - a focus on cultural, recreational and our community centers, moderated by Rich Overmoyer, CEO, Fourth Economy

    How to collaborate around a unified brand expression to strengthen your destination’s identity, moderated by Marley Kirkpatrick, Account Manager, Alphabet Creative

    How can a convention center enhance the city’s brand and contribute to its economic development?, moderated by Tom Hazinski, President & Managing Director, HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment

    Beyond cities: How do suburban and rural places build competitive brands that address key economic development priorities, moderated by Jeannette Hanna, Chief Strategist and Stephen Weir, Director, Brand Development at Trajectory

    Building a strong digital identity for talent attraction, moderated by Andrew Phillips, Senior Account Executive: Economic Development, Tourism, International Trade, LinkedIn

    Labor Lemons to Lemonade - Learning from the workforce crisis to support a sustainable tourism and hospitality industry, local advocacy and destination evolution, moderated by Erin Francis-Cummings, President & CEO, Destination Analysts  

    Master planning for tourism development – how to engage stakeholders in a more sustainable and inclusive vision, moderated by David Peacock, Senior Advisor, Future Tourism Group, Simpleview Inc

  • 15:15

    Comfort break, refreshments

  • 15:30

    Building a more diverse and inclusive place brand

    You will hear from three different cities, with different histories, and different challenges, how they are taking steps to create a more inclusive place brand strategy.  

    • How do you acknowledge uncomfortable truths and ensure you are celebrating lesser -known histories?
    • How can you engage your citizens in this process to foster community wellbeing?
  • 16:10

    Authentic, inclusive place brand storytelling: An international perspective

    We’ll be joined via zoom by representatives of the leadership team of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited.The New Zealand city was acclaimed as Place Brand of the Year by City Nation Place in 2020 for its work developing an inclusive place brand story, and a strategy across events, economic development, place making, and tourism that aims to create a more sustainable future.

    Across Auckland and New Zealand, the indigenous Māori culture has not only been integrated, but also used as the foundation for a values-based approach to place brand strategy, policy, and place marketing.  

    You will hear the lessons learned and have the opportunity to ask questions and dig deeper into what has made this approach so successful.

  • 16:35

    Place & Prosperity: The Successful City of the Future

    In this presentation, Resonance President and Futurist Chris Fair will discuss the key trends that are transforming our urban economies and share insights on: 

    • Where talent and tourism will flow in the decade ahead
    • Why economic developers need to think like destination marketers
    • How city centers and main streets can become destinations
    • Bringing all the lessons from the two days together and looking to the future
  • 17:00

    Closing drinks