The third annual City Nation Place Global conference will provide a melting pot of international place branding ideas and inspiration. Showcasing best-practice case studies and facilitating high-level knowledge-sharing, the event will focus on the key issues, challenges and solutions that are common to senior place branders from around the world. Whether responsible for a national, regional or city brand; whether promoting tourism, attracting talent or driving economic development, City Nation Place is a must attend for all senior executives with a strategic place branding remit.  If you would like to nominate a speaker, please contact us.

Sessions will include:

Directing your Place Brand Strategy

  • Structuring your team approach
  • How to use research to drive your strategy
  • Sustainable strategies: maintaining momentum

Diplomacy, Networks & Strategic Relationships

  • How nation brands, city brands & regional brands interact
  • The rise in city to city diplomacy

Creating Place Experiences & Leveraging Place Assets 

  • Leveraging your cultural assets in your place branding strategy
  • Creating experiences – through events, through festivals, through creating new connections
  • Does your place need a brand manager or experience director?

Place Branding & Place Making: Joining the Dots....

  • Working with planners, developers and the role of business investment districts
  • Authentic neighbourhood development

Communicating your Brand

  • Telling your story – through your people, your cultural assets or the businesses you work with
  • Engaging with influencers
  • What will be the next social or digital platforms to change the game in marketing strategy?

Engaging with the Private Sector

  • Involving the private sector in place branding investment drives
  • Place of Origin and its impact on the place brand

Place Branding & People

  • New ways to engage with citizens – to understand your brand, to drive a greater engagement in “where you live” and to communicate everything that’s good about your place
  • The millennial sense of place – understanding what will attract millennials


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