The third annual City Nation Place Global conference will provide a melting pot of international place branding ideas and inspiration. Showcasing best-practice case studies and facilitating high-level knowledge-sharing, the event will focus on the key issues, challenges and solutions that are common to senior place branders from around the world. 

Whether responsible for a national, regional or city brand; whether promoting tourism, attracting talent or driving economic development, City Nation Place is a must attend for all senior executives with a strategic place branding remit.  

Don’t forget: 

  • A limited number of City Nation Place conference delegates are also eligible to book their place at our “warm-up” Think Tank session on the afternoon of Wednesday 8 November, focusing on “PLACE MARKETING VS PLACE BRANDING”. MORE DETAILS
  • All delegates are invited to join the Welcome Reception on the eve of the conference on Wednesday 8 November, to meet and network with your peers from around the world. MORE DETAILS
  • Thursday, 9 November 2017

  • Optional breakfast briefing for a limited number of delegates

  • 08:00

    Winning across the FDI Decision Making Journey

    • FDI audience needs and how place brands can maximise their impact at key moments

    Apply  for your place when registering for the conference.

    Hosted by:

    Jessica  Wardle
    Jessica Wardle
    Managing Partner, M&C Saatchi
    Mary Harris
    Mary Harris
    Managing Director, M&C Saatchi Export
  • 8.15

    Delegate registration, networking & refreshments

  • 9.00

    Welcome & Introduction to the Day

  • 09:20


    Guest Moderator

    David  Adam
    David Adam
    Founder & Principal, Global Cities
  • 09:25

    Manchester: the evolution of a place brand

    • The role of the place brand in driving resilience, engagement and economic transformation
    Joanne  Roney
    Joanne Roney
    Chief Executive, Manchester City Council
  • 09:50

    Soft power, city diplomacy and urban resilience

    • The rise in city diplomacy and its implications for national, city and regional place brand strategy
    • How place brands and city networks can underpin resilience              

    On stage discussion between  David Adam and 

    Mike Duffin
    Mike Duffin
    Senior Advisor Bureau of Counterterrorism & Countering Violent Extremism, U.S. Department of State
  • 10.15

    City Nation Place Awards shortlist previews:

    Best Citizen Engagement

    Best Expression of Place Identity through Design

  • 10.25

    Refreshments & networking


  • 10:55

    Case study: developing a nation brand strategy for Paraguay

    Learn from this demonstration of place branding methodology in action, with transferrable lesssons for:

    • Research approaches
    • Working with government leaders
    • Creating a strategic plan
    • Building in flexiblity
    Malcolm  Allan
    Malcolm Allan
    Managing Director, Placematters Limited
    Jose  Torres
    Jose Torres
    CEO , Bloom Consulting
  • 11:15

    Directing your place brand strategy

    • Structuring your team approach
    • Using research to drive your strategy
    • Working effectively with stakeholders
    • Embracing digital
    • Sustainable strategies: maintaining momentum


     Phil Batty
    Phil Batty
    Director of Public Engagement & Legacy, Hull UK City of Culture 2017
    Julie Chase
    Julie Chase
    VP & Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Austin
    Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir
    Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir
    Director Visit Iceland & Creative Industries, Promote Iceland
    Petra  Theman
    Petra Theman
    Director of Public Diplomacy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and Secretary General for, Finland Promotion Board
  • 12.00

    Break out sessions

    Delegates have the choice of three sessions, each focusing on a key element of place brand strategy:
    • Place making & place branding: joining the dots

      • The role of Business Improvement Districts and similar organizations in branding, promoting and transforming places
      • Analysing trends & targeting needs to design better placemaking and branding strategies
      • Identifying common challenges and finding solutions
      • Engaging citizens in the process
      • Balancing targeted and organic growth for authenticity
      Juan Carlos			 Belloso
      Juan Carlos Belloso
      Founder & CEO, Future Places
      Martin Harte
      Martin Harte
      CEO, The Temple Bar Company
      Vilma  Jurkute
      Vilma Jurkute
      Director, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
    • Next practices in FDI attraction

      What has worked in the past – missions to key markets, tradeshows focused on specific, target industries, aggressive telephone outreach and broad e-marketing campaigns – are generating diminishing returns in terms of corporate investment opportunities. There are simply too many investment promotion agencies creating too much noise. This session will look closely at the fresh mix of new and traditional approaches that are yielding fruit in foreign direct investment.

      Session led by:

      Andy Levine
      Andy Levine
      President and Chief Creative Officer, Development Counsellors International
      Clare Barnett
      Clare Barnett
      VP, Investment Growth, Ontario Investment Office, Ministry of Economic Development and Growth
    • Citizen engagement: Fresh perspectives on why and how to engage citizens in place brand strategy

      Case study: Gaziantep, Turkey

      • Engaging citizens in the development of place communication & identity
      • Engaging all government stakeholders
      • Enabling a city to recognise itself, feel pride & build resilience

      Case study: South Africa

      • Why & how does the encouragement of an active citizenry play a part in South Africa’s nation brand strategy?
      • Tips for maintaining momentum in citizen engagement
      Malcolm  Allan
      Malcolm Allan
      Managing Director, Placematters Limited
      Emrah Yucel
      Emrah Yucel
      CEO, I Mean It
      Linda Magapatona-Sangaret
      Linda Magapatona-Sangaret
      Chief Marketing Officer, Brand South Africa
  • 12.50

    Lunch and networking

    Optional lunch briefing for a limited number of delegates:

    The Digital City Index 2017 (12.55 - 13.45)

    As a sequel to the Digital Country Index, launched in 2015, Bloom Consulting will unveil the detailed data behind the Digital City Index European version. You will be able to see results of all European Cities and if specific Policies, events and even marketing initiatives had an impact in terms of appeal from global citizens

    Apply for your place when registering for the conference.

  • 14.00

    City Nation Place Awards shortlist previews:

    Best Use of Social Media

    Best Communications Strategy


  • 14:10

    Cultural heritage and place brand strategy: the secrets of success from cultural place leaders

    • How cultural assets can become catalysts for growth: learn how cultural tourism can grow economies and strengthen communities
    • Discover how new approaches to heritage marketing can contribute to sustainable community development
    • How leveraging your cultural assets can add authenticity to your brand strategy
    George Stone
    George Stone
    Editor in Chief, National Geographic Traveler Magazine
    Peter Debrine
    Peter Debrine
    Senior Project Officer, World Heritage Centre Culture Sector, UNESCO
    Dimitrios Michelogiannis
    Dimitrios Michelogiannis
    Regional Vice Governor for Development, Crete
    Will Harding
    Will Harding
    Director of Marketing, Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia
    Paul  Sloan
    Paul Sloan
    CEO & Directeur Général, Tahiti Tourisme
  • 14.55

    Break out sessions

    Delegates have the choice of three sessions, each focusing on a key element of place brand strategy:
    • Working with influencers

      • Learn what makes influencers tick
      • Identifying who to work with
      • Creating a two-way conversation with influencers to support your place brand strategy
      Nicholas	 Montemaggi
      Nicholas Montemaggi
      Chief Marketing Officer , iAmbassador
      Daniella Middleton
      Daniella Middleton
      Vice President, Development Counsellors International
      Gemma Suner
      Gemma Suner
      Online Marketing Manager, Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona
    • Benchmarking place brand strategy: product vs perception?

      What should you measure to benchmark your place brand against other cities, regions or nations? Physical assets, services, attractions – or perceptions of your place on the national & international stage? Learn from this debate between two experts at measuring place brand equity on how to improve your use of benchmarking to direct your place brand strategy.

      Chris  Fair
      Chris Fair
      President & CEO, Resonance Consulting
      Matt  Painter
      Matt Painter
      Deputy Managing Director Reputation Centre, Ipsos MORI
    • Engaging the private sector

      • Building stability for your place brand strategy through private sector partnerships
      • Adapting your approach by sector and organisation
      • Understanding common challenges and how to solve them
      Pärtel-Peeter  Pere
      Pärtel-Peeter Pere
      CEO and Founder, Future Place Leadership
      Daniela Montiel
      Daniela Montiel
      Strategic Planning & Partnership Development, Marca Chile
      Henning   Ravn
      Henning Ravn
      Head of Unit Place Marketing , Berlin Partner for Business and Technology
  • 15.45

    Refreshments & networking

  • 16.00

    City Nation Place Awards shortlist previews:

    Place Brand Strategy of the Year - Sponsored by The New York Times

  • 16:05


    Guest Moderator

    Anupam Yog
    Anupam Yog
    Founder and Director , Inclusive Citymaking Solutions
  • Structuring your communications strategy

    Isabella Falco
    Isabella Falco
    Director of Country Image, PromPeru
  • How London & Partners engaged cultural institutions across the capital to create its Autumn campaign

    Chris  Gottlieb
    Chris Gottlieb
    Director of Strategy, Brand & Communications, London & Partners
  • Maximising international media attention: How Tel Aviv sheds light on a different story

    Lior  Meyer
    Lior Meyer
    Deputy CEO (Marketing & Comms), Tel Aviv Global
  • Open source place branding: "the ESTonia case"

    Peter Kentie
    Peter Kentie
    Managing Director, Eindhoven 365
  • 17:00

    Closing Keynote: Nation Branding in a Divisive World

    • How place brands can adapt and prevail in a de-globalising world
    • Why place brand-building matters for cultural resilience and social sustainability
    • What place brands can do to bridge challenging perception gaps
    Rick Buck Song Koh
    Rick Buck Song Koh
    Author of “Brand Singapore: Nation Branding After Lee Kuan Yew, In A Divisive World” and Member of the Marketing Advisory Panel of the Singapore Tourism Board
  • 17.30

    City Nation Place Awards: winners announced

  • 17.45

    Closing drinks reception


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