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    Breakfast briefing

    Learn from masterful storytelling: find out how National Geographic engages 350m fans through social media (By invitation-only: please apply when registering)

    Annabelle  Canwell
    Annabelle Canwell
    SVP Brand Partnerships, National Geographic
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    Conference registration & refreshments

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    Welcome & Introduction

    Clare Dewhirst
    Clare Dewhirst
    Founder and Director , City Nation Place
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    A tale of two cities: how a place’s brand underpins its resilience

    Two very different cities share insights into how a place's brand can help it to bounce back from political, social, environmental or economic challenges and thrive in the face of adversity.

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    What does the rise of fake news mean for place branding strategies and what impact should this have on communication strategy? This discussion will explore the intersection between diplomacy, nation/city branding, and fake news, drawing on perspectives from both the private and the public sector.  

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    Changing the narrative about your place brand leading up to the anniversary of a natural disaster

    Case study: Puerto Rico

    • Learning from other place stories to plan your strategy
    • Using public relations to change the narrative and celebrate the progress
    • Counter-acting sensationalism with authentic truth
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    City Nation Place Awards Preview

    See the highlights of the shortlisted entries in our first two categories - Best Use of Design & Best Citizen Engagement

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    Stronger together - How we organise to collaborate together

    While it’s increasingly recognised that collaborative place branding and marketing is the best way to optimise resources, this joined-up approach between tourism, economic development, trade, foreign affairs, Prime Minister’s or Mayoral office, is not always easy to deliver. How do you get and keep diverse stakeholders on board? How do you collaborate on communications? Who should lead? How do you measure the ROI for each team’s objectives?  Our international panel shares their insights and experiences, including lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid.

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    City Nation Place Awards Preview

    See the highlights of the shortlisted entries in our next two categories - Best Use of Social Media & Best Communications Strategy

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    Breakout Sessions

    Delegates choose sessions to dig deeper into the issues that matter to them

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    Breakout Sessions

    Delegates choose sessions to dig deeper into the issues that matter to them

    • Structuring your team for success with digital – now and in the future

      What Ottawa Tourism learned about the talents and skills of the future place branding team through the execution of their 150-year celebrations

      • Lessons learned when embracing the latest digital marketing techniques
      • How the team at Ottawa Tourism has adapted
      • Why collaboration across business units is more important than ever
      • What next? Keeping your team ahead of the digital curve to ensure continued success
    • Leveraging the power of Hollywood movies to brand your place

      From “Midnight Express” to “Zorba the Greek” – every nation has a movie that they feel uncomfortable with, few have movies to be proud of.  In this session, packed with insider tips, learn how to use Hollywood, and film, as a tool to promote your city, nation or place

      • Identifying the opportunities and the common pitfalls
      • The do’s and don’ts of attaching celebrities to your place brand
      • How to create the right connections
      • Understanding the budget implications
    • Over tourism and place identity

      • Understanding what we mean by “over-tourism” 
      • Hear the results of new research benchmarking quality experiences to determine if over-tourism is a supply-side or perception issue
      • Learn from the experience of Barcelona: what new approaches is the city taking from both the supply-side [city planning and policy] and the promotion perspective?
      • What are the long-term implications of over-tourism for a place brand?
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    Breakout Sessions

    Delegates choose sessions to dig deeper into the issues that matter to them

    • Data-driven place branding strategies

      • How to implement a more analytical approach to drive your place branding strategy, utilizing traditional research techniques, new approaches and emerging tools
      • How to use research and data at your fingertips to guide your vision and measure your progress
      • Learn from real examples of place branding in action
    • Winning the talent wars: Five ways communities can attract Millennials and Gen Z

      Talent makes or breaks corporate relocation decisions. With record low unemployment and a decrease in migration, communities are at war to attract and retain the talent that their corporate citizens need. 

      • What factors will seal the deal Millennials and Gen Z considering relocating for a new job opportunity? 
      • And what are five steps communities can take to help win the war for talent?

       The presentation will showcase the findings from DCI’s seminal research report, “Talent Wars: What People Look for in Jobs and Locations” alongside the real world experience of the Minneapolis-St. Paul region’s “Make It MSP” Campaign.

      Peter Frosch
      Peter Frosch
      SVP & Chief of Staff, Greater MSP [Economic Development group representing Minneapolis/St. Paul]
    • Awesome opportunities for destination content in Google maps

      • See how DMOs around the world are using Google products including street view, maps to maximise their exposure and drive visitation.
      • Case study examples for DMOs using maps Street View and other Google products in exciting and innovative ways.
      • Expand and measure the footprint of your destination in Google’s products
      Sven Tresp
      Sven Tresp
      Program Manager, Street View Special Collections, Google
      C.A. Clarke
      C.A. Clarke
      VP Digital Marketing, The Miles Partnership
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    City Nation Place Awards Preview

    See the highlights of the shortlisted entries in our final category - Place Brand Strategy of the Year

  • 15:55

    Economics and tourism: Ireland's place branding story

    • How tourism has fitted into Ireland’s economic agenda as a driver of growth
    • Insights into the marketing approaches which have delivered tourism success
    • How Ireland is dealing with the challenges and responsibilities that accompany growth in tourism
  • 16:20

    Maintaining momentum

    If launching a place brand is a skill, maintaining momentum is an art. Two very different places share their experience and explain how they have created a platform that is constantly refreshing but still maintains consistency, keeps delivering results and keeps meeting different objectives.

  • 17:00

    City Nation Place Awards Presentations

    The winners are announced in all categories of the City Nation Place Awards 2018

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    Summing Up & Close

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