The agenda for the City Nation Place Global conference will be announced shortly.

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Join plenary conference sessions to learn:

  • How values and politics have an increasing impact on international perceptions of your city, region or nation – and how your place branding strategy can leverage the positives and mitigate against the negatives
  • What the rise of fake news means for place branding strategies and what impact should this have on communication strategy?
  • How cities, nations and places and build economic resilience by developing a long-term perspective on place branding: understanding how collaborative approaches can contribute to this
  • Managing and balancing the needs of business, visitors, & citizens: demonstrating the economic connections between tourism, liveability, and investment
  • The private sector perspective on place branding: strategies for securing engagement and funding from the private sector
  • You’ve engaged with citizens, with politicians, with business, with academics – how do you create a clarity of vision from many voices?
  • How to communicate your place assets in a world with a 5 second attention span
  • How can you work with the arts and film sectors to influence perceptions of your place?

Join break-out sessions to delve into the detail on ….

  • How to leverage major events, whether hosting or creating, to help meet all objectives of your place branding strategy
  • Harnessing Ambassador networks
  • Working with private sector stakeholders to build “place of origin” benefits
  • Securing your future: talent attraction strategies in a more competitive global economy
  • China: understanding the continuing impact of trends in Chinese tourism and investment
  • Cluster marketing: how to benefit

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