Changing priorities and perceptions around the world are creating a unique opportunity for nations, cities, provinces and destinations in the Asia Pacific region to differentiate themselves on the world stage to deliver economic benefits. center>

The City Nation Place Asia Pacific Forum will examine how place branding strategies should be developing to capitalise on these opportunities and address the associated challenges. Building on the expertise and knowledge gained through our Global and Americas conferences, this “Think Tank’ Forum will enable delegates to learn how to structure and implement place branding and marketing to attract tourism, attract investment and engage citizens in your vision for the future of your place. Join us for a day of case studies, expert presentations and moderated round table discussion.

Why should you attend?

  • Find out why a logo and slogan is not enough to differentiate your city, nation or place
  • Learn how other cities and nations are developing place branding strategies to attract talent, investment and tourism
  • Understand how government and private sector can work more effectively together to build a place brand and deliver economic benefits
  • Learn how to bring together teams across communications, tourism, economic development & investment promotion to build your place brand and increase results
  • Find out how place making, hero architecture and neighbourhood development can contribute more effectively to your place brand

Who should attend?

  • Ministerial teams from tourism, trade, investment and foreign affairs departments
  • Nation branding committees
  • City Mayors and their communication directors
  • Directors and marketing directors of City Marketing organisations
  • Directors and marketing directors of Tourism Boards
  • Directors, business development and marketing directors of Investment Promotion Agencies and Economic Development Boards
  • Directors of Regional and Neighborhood Development Boards
  • Directors of Property and Real Estate companies working with Government clients on place making and place development projects
  • Advisors, agencies and consultancies working with government clients and government funded organisations

Schedule Overview

Wednesday 16 May

City Nation Place delegates are invited to a Welcome Reception and private view at The National Gallery of Singapore, hosted by the New York Times.

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Thursday 17 May

A full conference day, with expert presentations and case studies, plus round table discussion sessions enabling you to learn from the experience of other delegates.

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The Asia Pacific region is set for more growth with developing countries and cities in the region vying for their share of investment, revenue, and people. Hosting CNP in this region is an exciting milestone and important opportunity for us all to share and learn from our combined experiences in place branding, marketing, reputation management and country/city positioning.

Rebecca Smith, Director, The New Zealand Story


Country reputations come from careful and concerted dedicated efforts. Branding, in cooperation with the private sector, is so important, especially in Asia as there is obviously healthy competition for attention.  I'm pleased to be part of this conference, and I am sure all who attend would benefit greatly from the experience of seasoned professionals in this most exciting field.

Hakuei Kosato, Director, La Ditta