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11th November

  • 15.00 UTC How the post COVID-19 world sees Latin America and the Caribbean: the challenges and opportunities for recovery

    • How enduring will the impact of this crisis be on global perceptions of the nations of LatAm and the Caribbean?  
    • How to use your understanding of reputation and perceptions to shape nation brand strategies to fuel economic recovery
  • 15.20 UTC Keynote: Leadership and the nation brand

  • 15.40 UTC Collaboration and connectivity – the key to the region’s recovery?

    Ivan Eskildsen
    Ivan Eskildsen
    Tourism Minister, Panama
  • 16.10 UTC Refreshment break

    • Join pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings
    • Pop into our speaker lounge to ask any questions of the speakers you have just heard from
    • Visit our sponsor partners in their meeting rooms
  • 16.30 UTC Think Tank Roundtables

    Join groups of up to 10 delegates in our online meeting rooms for peer-to-peer discussion.

    Topics include:

    • Connecting stakeholders with your sustainable recovery through stronger digital competencies. Hosted by Simpleview
    • Starting the journey: addressing the challenges of creating and implementing a place brand strategy. Hosted by Bloom Consulting
    • Creating a green, equitable, and resilient future for your place. Hosted by Kirl Hoschtialek, Grenada Tourism Authority
    • Ensuring a sustainable, resilient future for your place
    • Investment promotion strategies for a post-COVID world
    • Working with the media to drive your place brand


  • 17.20 UTC Choose from one of the follow breakout sessions

    • Strategies for the return of tourism

      Ronella  Tjin-Asjoe
      Ronella Tjin-Asjoe
      CEO, Aruba Tourism
      Rosa  Harris
      Rosa Harris
      Director of Tourism, Cayman Islands Tourism Department
    • Recovery strategies for investment promotion

      Roderick Cherry
      Roderick Cherry
      CEO, Invest Saint Lucia
  • 17.50 UTC Choose from one of the follow breakout sessions

    • Using data to drive and inform your economic development strategy

      • Understanding the data available to you and developing it into a comprehensive data analysis strategy
      • How Colombia engaged their diaspora to support their strategy and gain market research
      • Reducing costs while increasing the efficiency of your interactions with the world
      Pedro Jose Fernandez Ayala
      Pedro Jose Fernandez Ayala
      Former Vice President of Innovation & Intelligence, PROCOLOMBIA
    • How state, city and region brands can provide a focal point for recovery

      Ana Maria Badel
      Ana Maria Badel
      Executive Director, ProBarranquilla, Colombia
  • 18.20 UTC Embracing the future with a strong place brand

    • Understanding the benefits of a collaborative approach between government departments and all key stakeholders
    • Implementing a cohesive place brand strategy to prepare for the future
    Hugo Rivera
    Hugo Rivera
    Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs and International Cooperation, Dominican Republic
  • 18.40 UTC Closing keynote: The role of leadership and soft power in recovery

    Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu
    Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu
  • 19.00 UTC Networking lunch

    Closing networking – grab you chosen refreshment and join a networking room to meet fellow delegates and chat through your key takeaways from the day