7th November 2018

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City Nation Place Global ThinkTank:  What makes your place a “good” place: values, policy and the challenges for place branding

This session is open to government and government funded organisations only [sorry, no consultants or media owners] and attendance is limited.

Part One:

This year’s Think Tank offers a rare opportunity to hear from Simon Anholt, founder of the Good Country Index:

  • Why is it important to measure the contribution that a country makes to the common good of humanity through its policies and behaviours?
  • How does the Good Country Index measure that contribution?
  • What has the development of the Good Country Index revealed about what matters to the global population?

Part Two:

Join round table discussions with your fellow delegates, introduced and moderated by Robert Govers, Editor of the 'Journal of Place Branding and Diplomacy,' to reflect on the issue of “values and policy” and place brand identity:

  • Can your place brand identity, as a city or country, ever be separate from the policies of your government and the values that these convey?
  • How have places around the world successfully conveyed the positive values of their city, nation or region?
  • What strategies can or should be pursued to mitigate the negative impact of more controversial political policies, that might be impacting on tourism or investment decision-making?

Led by:

Simon Anholt Co-Founder, The Good Country
Robert Govers Chairman , International Place Branding Association (IPBA)

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