City Nation Place Global

7th Annual Conference

City Nation Place Think Tank: Digital Transformation for Place Branding

Date: Wednesday 6 November

Registration begins at 1.30pm

Time: 2pm - 5.10pm
Venue: Courthouse Shoreditch Hotel

Join us for an afternoon think tank where Jose Torres, CEO for Bloom Consulting, and Chris Knight, Global Commercial Director for FDI Intelligence, will explore how place brands can ensure they are digital-first organisations.  The Think Tank is structured to enable you to learn from our workshop leaders and from your peers through round table discussions.

  • 13:30


  • 14:00

    Defining digital transformation and why it’s so essential for place branding

    Why digital reputation matters

    Why digital transformation is about the mindset of your organisation

  • 14:30

    Where is your organisation’s digital mindset?

    Round table discussions:

    How is your team structured to support digital?
    Are you building the skills in-house or outsourcing your digital reputation?
    How digital-native is your team?
    What’s your plan for a digital reputation crisis?

    …. And other questions you should be asking yourself.

  • 15:10

    Report back

  • 15:20


  • 15:40

    Learnings from other places

  • 16:10

    Round table discussions to share ideas and experience - choose with discussion to join...

    • Option 1: Digital tools and investment

      What investments are delegates making in systems and tools to support digital strategies?

      What are we learning from adopting data dashboards, CRM tools, and other tools?

    • Option 2: How to be more creative in the digital space

      What are the common obstacles to being creative in the digital space and how are people overcoming them? 

      What’s been most successful for delegates? 

  • 16:50

    Report back

  • 17:00

    Key learnings summed up

  • 17:10


Lead by 

Jose Torres CEO Bloom Consulting Bio
Chris Knight SVP North America and UK FDI Intelligence Bio

To encourage maximum opportunity for discussion and feedback, numbers at this session will be limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Places at the session are prioritised for delegates representing places, over consultant, agency, or media owner delegates.

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