Responsible for building the reputation of your place on the world stage?


The mix of plenary and breakout sessions which will be of most relevance to you include…

  • Thordur Oskarsson, Ambassador for Iceland, on making the link between public diplomacy, place branding, and sustainable development goals
  • Vibe Israel and Bloom Consulting on a bottom-up approach to country branding to change hearts and minds
  • Denmark’s Capital of Children and Capital of Sound on using your industrial heritage to create a unique place identity
  • Pure Grenada and Rotterdam Partners on working with the media through good news and not so good news
  • Haiti Center for the Facilitation of Investments and Kaunas City Municipality on moving from short-term place marketing to a longer-term place branding strategy less susceptible to political change
  • Laura Kamras, Director for Public Diplomacy with the Finland Ministry for Foreign Affairs on the next level of thinking for country and place branding – what next for the “Happiest Nation In the World” and the country leading The Good Country Index?
  • Simon Anholt, policy advisor and founder of the Good Country Index and the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index and Country Brands Index on the power of the symbolic action