Agenda 2019

Wednesday 6 November

 Morning: Optional Placemaking tour of Shoreditch, London’s “Silicon Roundabout” and hub for creative and tech industries. For more detail please CLICK HERE

Afternoon:Optional Think Tank focusing on Digital Transformation for Place Branding. For more detail please CLICK HERE

 Evening: Welcome Reception for all delegates

Thursday 7 November 

City Nation Place Global Conference

  • 08:00

    Breakfast Briefing

    Learnings from the 2019 FutureBrand Country Index

    An additional optional session for a limited number of delegates hosted by FutureBrand – apply for a ticket when registering for the conference

  • 08:15

    Registration & networking

  • 08:50

    Welcome to Delegates

    Clare Dewhirst
    Clare Dewhirst
    Registration and event details
  • 09:10

    Place branding for the 2020s

    Two viewpoints – a country and a city – on how place branding strategy needs to adapt to a changing world…

    • Place branding: a Country viewpoint

      • Making the link between public diplomacy, place branding and sustainable development goals
      • Putting values at the heart of the place brand
    • Place branding: a City viewpoint

      • Putting citizens at the heart of your strategy: don’t ask what citizens can do to support tourism, ask what your tourism strategy will do for your citizens
      • Putting data and insight central to your planning and implementation
      • Ensuring your strategy is future-proofed – wherever you are starting from
  • 09:55

    Collaboration: the key to effective place branding strategy

    • City to city collaboration: London & Paris

      • Why it was decided to join forces, rather than compete, to reach an audience of US millennials
      • How a collaborative approach worked in practice to maximise reach 
      • Outcomes, lessons learned and plans for future collaboration
      Rose Wangen-Jones
      Rose Wangen-Jones
      Managing Director, Marketing, London & Partners
      Alice Rampelberg Tizzani
      Alice Rampelberg Tizzani
      Marketing Director, Office de Tourisme, Congres de Paris
    • Gaining a regional advantage through collaboration: Hong Kong

      • How the nine cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) are being promoted collaboratively, whilst retaining their unique positioning
      • What this means at a local level when it comes to the concept of a great neighbourhood
      • Impact on the world stage of this collaborative approach
      Edith Wong
      Edith Wong
      Chief Marketing Officer, Invest Hong Kong
  • 10:40

    Refreshments, networking 1-2-1 meetings

  • 11:20

    Breakout sessions

    Choose to attend sessions focusing on...

    • Ensuring the long-term future for place: sustainable place management strategies

      • Understanding the true cost and value of tourism in your destination
      • Managing destination assets and infrastructure… and overtourism
      • Finding the optimum tourism mix, ensuring communities and environments benefit from tourism
      Ben Lynam
      Ben Lynam
      Head of Communications , The Travel Foundation
    • Differentiating your place brand through a core identity

      Learn from two bold place brand strategies how a clear and unique identity can focus your objectives

      Billund: Capital of Children

      • Why it was decided to translate Billund's vision for the Capital of Children into a global place brand
      • The importance of rooting strategy in the brand's purpose
      •  Approaches to leveraging local assets and coordinating a joint public / private initiative

      Struer: City of Sound

      • Turning around perceptions of Stuer by focusing on the strengths of its industrial heritage
      • Drawing on the opinions of citizens to drive strategy
      • The benefits of taking a storytelling approach to social media and communication
    • Data-led place brand strategy, Part 1

  • 12:05

    Breakout sessions

    Choose to attend sessions focusing on...

    • Developing the (new) Country Brand strategy for Israel

      A bottom-up approach to country branding.

      • Understand how to engage stakeholders on a country brand initiative
      • Learn about the step by step process for the creation of a country brand project
      • Case study: what the Israel brand means for the majority of Israelis and how a new non-governmental structure manages the country brand

      Joanna Landau
      Joanna Landau
      Founder & CEO, VIBE Israel
    • The China conundrum: how places can navigate the China Relationship

      • Understanding the current and future challenges and opportunities of working to attract Chinese tourism and investment
      • Learn from some practical examples how to manage this growth market as part of your place brand strategy
    • Data-led place brand strategy, Part II

  • 12:45


  • 14:00

    Breakout sessions

    Choose to attend sessions focusing on...

    • Stakeholder engagement – putting your place brand at the centre of economic development and regeneration

      Case study: London Royal Docks 

      • Approaches to keeping stakeholder engagement focused on the delivery of concrete economic developments goals
      • Overcoming the challenges of working with multiple stakeholders
      • Engaging the hard to reach: the benefits of creating space and forums for the wider community
    • Managing the messaging: working with the media

      • Dealing with negative perceptions: don't hide from bad news
      • Engaging locals and your diaspora to help find your way through the negatives
      • Mastering the art of getting the media to be your friends: approaches to take with both traditional and new media
      Rob  Bates
      Rob Bates
      PR & Promotions Manager, UK & Ireland, Pure Grenada
  • 14:45

    Breakout sessions

    Choose to attend sessions focusing on...

  • 15:25

    Refreshments & networking

  • 15:50

    Securing the future for place branding strategies: innovative approaches to funding and stakeholder engagement

    As place marketing teams around the world are facing budget cuts or increased demands to justify their spend, this session will explore three different approaches to funding and delivering longer-term security of stakeholder support for your place brand strategy

    • Transparency and advocacy: the essential tools for financial security
    • Connecting tourism development and economic development to real benefits for citizens, business, and government
    • Setting and meeting KPIs
  • 16:30
  • 16:50

    Announcing the winners for the City Nation Place Awards

  • 17:15

    Closing drinks reception