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Over 170 delegates from 37 countries attended the City Nation Place Global conference in London. Our speakers, place leaders, place brand strategists and place marketers, focused on the role of place branding in building economic and social resilience; how to direct and implement place brand strategy; how to leverage cultural heritage to build your place brand; engaging citizens, the private sector and all stakeholders to achieve place branding success. Book the 2018 date in your diary now: 7th & 8th November 2018, London..

Our key takeaways from the day’s discussions

  • In a downturn or during adversity: invest, be bold
  • Look for the less obvious – phenomena, off the beaten track, behind the insights
  • Place branding is about closing the gap between perception and reality: there are still measurement challenges
  • It’s complex: keep it simple to engage stakeholders, [share the challenges here!]
  • It’s all about the people



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Delegates from 104+ companies attended.

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