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Embracing the future with a strong place brand

How is the Dominican Republic implementing a cohesive place brand strategy to prepare for the future. Hugo Rivera Fernandez, Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs and International Cooperation for the Dominican Republic, presents the Dominican Republic’s strategy for recovery.Please note that this session has been translated and was originally presented in Spanish.

A guide to brand storytelling that will differentiate your marketing as the world emerges from lockdown

Jim Piercy, Group Creative Director for the Trust, WSJ, joins Leigh Dawber, CMO at Cape Town Tourism, and Claudia Valentini, Head of PR & Communication Foreign Services for Apt Servizi Emilia Romagna, share strategies for digging deeper into your brand storytelling and engaging your target audiences through storytelling.

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The power of public relations for reputation recovery - for both tourism and investment promotion

Communications is the vehicle you’ll implement to tell your city, nation, place story through various channels, including earned media and influencer relations along the road to rebound. Hear from Amanda Gadaleta, Ketchum, how you can communicate intelligently, empathetically and transparently to ensure key stakeholders understand your commitment to adapting to the “new normal.”

Responsive investment promotion and economic development strategies

What's been learned from the current crisis that will strengthen your approach to investment promotion and economic development? Hear from Sarah Russis, Global Head of Sales for FDI Intelligence, Manuel Laboy, Secretary of Economic Development & Commerce for Puerto Rico, Khaled Tash, Deputy for Marketing & Communication for Saudi Arabia's MISA, and Sirpa Tsimal, Director of Investment Promotion for Switzerland Global Enterprise.

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Future-proof recovery strategies: auditing your planning for sustainability

City Nation Place has been delighted to partner with The Travel Foundation to offer destinations the opportunity of a recovery plan review. Discover the learnings from that process, alongside Kevin Eshkawkogan, Indigenous Tourism Ontario, Andrew Grossmann, Colorado Tourism Office, Patricia Maher, Grenada Tourism Authority, and Kim Robertson, Scottish Enterprise.

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Rebuilding confidence in tourism

In a global economy recovering from the pandemic, there will be a great focus on destination marketing. But to rebuild confidence for and reap the intangible benefits of tourism in the long term, we must start from within and look beyond marketing and branding, and the current crisis. Hear more from Keith Tan, CEO at Singapore Tourism Board.