City Nation Place Asia Pacific


Thursday 17 May 2018

*Please note that this agenda will be subject to revision as speakers are confirmed

  • 09:00


    Representative of LKYSPP

  • 09:10

    Session One: Ideals, Ideas and DNA: understanding the different branding challenges for cities, nations and places

    Introduced & moderated by Anupam Yog, Founder & Director, Inclusive Citymaking Solutions

  • 10:40


  • 11:10

    Session Two

    Moderated by Jose Torres, CEO, Bloom Consulting

    • 11:15

      Round table discussion: the challenges and opportunities for nation and city branding in Asia

    • 11:40

      Feedback from round table discussions

    • 12:00

      Case study: New Zealand - Delivering an authentic place brand position for sustainable prosperity and long-term economic success

      • Why digging deep into what the country actually stands for is an essential first step
      • The role of the nation/place brand leader and reputation programme in the delivery of long-term success
      • New Zealand’s nation brand story: lessons learned, what’s still missing and vision for the future
    • 12:20

      Case study: Japan - The secrets of branding Japan: from Tokyo to Okinawa via Hiroshima and Kyoto

      • Strategic examples of branding and [in the case of Hiroshima] re-branding Japan’s cities to attract tourism, trade, and retain talent
      • The role that cultural diplomace is playing, reinforcing Japan’s position on the world stage
      • How city branding fits with Japan’s approach to nation branding
    • 12:40

      China Outbound: Understanding the new face of Chinese travel, and what it means for your brand

      While the flag-waving Chinese tour leader is still a common sight, many outbound Chinese are now traveling independently to increasingly far-flung locations.

      Cities, tourism boards and travel, retail and hospitality brands alike are aggressively wooing this new cohort.

      • New research from JWT Intelligence identifying 12 emerging types of Chinese travellers, from women to foodies to adventure seekers
      • Ways for nations and cities to appeal to these traveller types with new concepts, services and experiences
  • 13:00

    Q&A with all previous speakers

  • 13:10


  • 14:10

    Session Three

     Introduced and moderated by Marcus Osborne, Fusionbrand

    • 14:15

      Leveraging culture in placemaking and place branding

      An insight into how cultural spaces and destinations can change and reinforce perceptions of cities and nations on the world stage and boost creative economies

  • 14:35

    Uncovering and communications your assets to add life to your place brand story

    Reno  Ong
    Reno Ong
    Pre-Sale Director, Asia Pacific, T Brand Studio International
  • 14:50

    Panel Q&A with all previous speakers

  • 14:55

    Round table discussion: identifying and creating place assets, challenges and opportunities

  • 15:30

    Feedback from round tables

  • 15:40


  • 16:00

    Session Four: Place branding, investment promotion and working with the private sector

    Introduced and moderated by Adam Jones-Kelley, President, Conway

    • 16:05

      Case study: Hong Kong

      How Hong Kong tells its story and implements its strategy to attract and encourage  business

    • 16:25

      Case study: The Philippines

      Why and how the private sector is engaged in the nation branding impetus in The Philippines

  • 16:45

    Round table discussion: challenges and opportunities when engaging all stakeholders – across government and private sector – in place branding

  • 17:15

    Feedback and summing up

  • 17:30