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Day 1 - Think Tank

The Future of Digital Placebranding and Marketing

May 19, 2020 | 1.30 P.M. – 5.30 P.M. | Delta Hotels, Toronto

Every destination on Earth evokes unique emotions and feelings. It’s more than a tagline or slogan, it’s more than a marketing campaign. It’s a combination of reputation and history. An amalgamation of experiences and personality. The way people feel when they visit and the lasting emotional relationship that develops with every interaction is what becomes the place brand.

Place brands are a synthesis of people’s emotions and perceptions towards a location. But a place brand cannot be owned and it cannot be strictly controlled. The brand isn’t solely what you say it is. It’s what they say it is. And what they say about your destination is increasingly taking place across digital platforms.

In this exclusive four-hour master class (happening the day before the main conference and limited to only 75 attendees), Resonance Consultancy will moderate a series of expert presentations and peer-to-peer round table discussions to discuss how cities and destinations can embrace this lack of digital control and how they can better engage in the online strategies that will shape place brands today and in the coming years.

Session overview

Attendees will learn how to identify, hone, and execute their competitive brand identity centered on the following topics:

How your digital identity shapes your brand

  • A digitally-connected world means sharing and accessing information faster than ever before. Immediate reviews, in-the-moment customer service, and the power of an influencer who can make or break a brand. Understanding how digital footprints increasingly determine the performance of cities and destinations is critical to all locations.
  • How to track the relationship between social media participation, tourism performance, and economic indicators to gauge your brand strength
  • Understanding the impact of online sentiment and why it matters to your brand
  • How upcoming Gen Z consumers expect to use digital tools to learn, plan, and interact with cities and destinations in the next five years

What is Big Data and how to use it?

  • In a world where apps, sites, chatbots, GPS tracking, and research data combine to make predictions of future performance, learn how to use information available today to help develop strategies for the near future.
  • How to use travel patterns by gender, age, interest groups
  • Explore spending patterns by audience segments and apply to your marketing mix
  • Understand how technology usage patterns will impact how people expect to interact with destinations in the future
  • Get insider knowledge of the Resonance Tourism Performance Report and third-party applications that track real-time visitation performance

Best practices for digital marketing

  • Not all tweets are created equal and being Instafamous could actually spell disaster for a brand. Understanding common dos and don’ts for digital marketing can turn a well-intentioned strategy into a well-oiled machine. Learn from recent trends and real-world examples to inspire your own digital programs.
  • The role of your website and digital channels in a dis-intermediated brand journey
  • Best practices from social media movements at the scale of destination marketing and management

What’s on the horizon?

  • Artificial Intelligence. Virtual Reality. Mixed Reality. Geofencing. Panoptic Intelligence. The sea of new technologies that will impact how people interact with destinations can be as overwhelming as they are exciting.
  • Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), digital beacons, and machine learning are impacting destinations today and where the technology will take us
  • Break down the pros and cons of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to understand when and how to employ these technologies
  • Understand how geofencing and social media provide accurate and detailed brand sentiments from visitors in real-time

Who should attend?

The Digital Place Branding & Marketing Master Class has been designed for Destination Marketing, Economic Development, and Business Improvement District professionals interested in learning how a well-honed digital brand identity can not only enhance quality of life for local communities, but also attract talent, tourism, and investment to their cities.

How to register?

The Digital Place Brand Master Class is a $140 premium to your City Nation Place Americas delegate fee. You will be prompted to add the master class while registering for the main conference.

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About Resonance Consultancy

Resonance Consultancy combines business strategy and marketing creativity to help shape the future of countries, cities, and communities around the world with research, strategy, branding, marketing, and placemaking. Our team has completed research, strategy, planning, marketing, and branding projects for governments, destinations, and developers in more than 20 states and provinces and 70 countries.

Join Resonance Consultancy and the City Nation Place team at Day 2 of the conference on May 19. 

Day 2 Agenda

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