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2017 Presentations & Videos


Policy & place identity

Richard Cutting-Miller, EVP, Resonance Consultancy

Patricia Rojas Ungar, VP Public Affairs, US Travel Association

WitTuttell,  VP Tourism & Marketing, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

Telling the story of your place in the digital age

We are the digital generation of marketers – but keeping up with communication channel options and working out how best to engage others to help you tell your story is a constant challenge. This session will focus specifically on how social and digital media can be harnessed to tell the story of your place and ask how much you can let go of your brand in the digital world, and how much you can control it.

Andrew  Weir, CMO,  Tourism Toronto
Julie  Calvert, Source  Cincinnati
Annie Fitzsimmons, Editor at Large, National Geographic Traveller


Larry & Kiara Silverstein Chair in Real Estate Development & Investment and Associate Dean, NYUSPS Schack Insititute of Real Estate

The Millennial Mindset

Millennials have been identified as a key audience for talent attraction, tourism and economic development. But what defines the millennials’ sense of place? What makes your city, state or nation attractive as a place to live, work and play? Learn from new research into this elusive audience and from the experience of others.

Chris Fair, CEO,  Resonance Consultancy
Jeff Miller,  President & CEO, Travel Portland
Ray Hoyt,  President, Visit Tulsa

Neighborhood Development: Models for Success In Revitalizing Local Brands

How can you best leverage business improvement, creative innovation, and historic districts in your place branding and marketing strategy? How can the relationship between tourism and citizen and urban patterns be managed more successfully through the effective development of neighborhood attractions?

Steven Pedigo, Director of the Urban Lab and Clinical Assistant Professor, Schack  Institute of Real Estate
Susan Veres, SVP  Strategy, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation
Alan Boniface,  Principal, Dialog
Nicole Fichera, Boston Innovation District / Seaport

The Role of Key Industry within Place Brands

Moderated by: Lyneir Richardson , Executive Director of The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED), Rutgers Business School
Olga Stella, Detroit Creative Corridor
Ernest Wooden Jr, CEO, LA Tourism
Diane Edwards,President, Jamaica Promotion Corporation