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Thursday June 6

  • 08:30

    Delegate Registration

  • 09:00

    Welcome and Introduction

    Clare Dewhirst
    Clare Dewhirst
    Founder and Director, City Nation Place
  • 09:20

    Opening Keynote: Destination stewardship and resilience in place brand strategy: leadership lessons from California

  • 09:50

    Joining the dots in place brand strategy: Creating and implementing a cohesive place brand vision through collaboration

    How can you ensure effective collaboration between tourism attraction, economic development, development planning, commerce, and all key stakeholders to deliver more effective results?  Our speakers are developing and managing organisational structures that bring together key disciplines – hear what lessons they are learning about the opportunities and challenges of collaboration.  What ideas do they have which you can transfer to your place? 

  • 10:30

    Advocating for your place brand strategy and its impact on your community: and why that’s so important

    It might seem odd that your citizens and your politicians don’t always understand the value of what you do, but it’s essential to advocate for the positive benefits of tourism and incoming investment.  Our panel discuss pro-active advocacy, positive citizen engagement and the challenge of reacting to negative publicity and policy.

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  • 11:30


    • What makes a great neighbourhood and how do neighbourhood brands interact with city and regional place brand perceptions?

      Andrew Nelson
      Andrew Nelson
      Director of Editorial Projects, National Geographic Travel
    • The China advantage: Understanding the potential of the Chinese tourism market and how to develop your own strategy

      Session lead by representative, China Luxury Advisors

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  • 15:45

    Case study: Place branding strategy in the border states

    As arguments about the rights and wrongs of a wall on the US border with Mexico continue, how are the states who benefit from being good neighbours managing their place brand and marketing strategy? 

    Jessica Herrera
    Jessica Herrera
    Director, City of El Paso Economic Development
  • 16:15

    An international social media masterclass for place brand leaders

    Learn from two innovative and mulit-award winning organisation how social media strategies can go beyond using influencers and a hashtag.  Find out how the Faroe Islands has engaged with global travellers and Copenhagen has created its own database of tech talent through innovative social media strategies that have delivered reach and impact way beyond expectations and media spend.

    Guri Højgaard
    Guri Højgaard
    Director of Tourism, Visit Faroe Islands
  • 16:45

    Closing Keynote: Planning for 2024, LA’s future brand story

    Already a world city, LA is now planning for the Olympics 2024 and developing a strategic plan to enable the city to engage its citizens in the arising opportunities, and to develop its infrastructure to enable a sustainable development in tourism and its economy.  Hear how the city’s key stakeholders are coming together to build a unified vision for its future.

    Ernest  Wooden Jr.
    Ernest Wooden Jr.
    President and CEO, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board
  • 17:15