We caught up with Sylvie Gallier Howard, Chief of Staff with the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce, ahead of her participation at this year’s City Nation Place Americas conference in a session that will look at what the Amazon RFP process has taught those participating about their “pitch readiness” - specifically at how economic development and tourism promotion teams can work together more effectively to the benefit of all objectives.

logo Kristian Sonnier VP of Communications & Public Relations, New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

We caught up with Kristian Sonnier, VP President of Communications & Public Relations at the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau, who will be opening the City Nation Place Americas conference on June 5th with the story of 300 years of place branding and how New Orleans’ brand strategy will capitalise on its tri-centennial.  How does he see the connection between tourism and economic development?  What does he think is the key to great place branding?

How are place branding strategies resourced by cities, regions and nations? Joanna Landau, CEO of Vibe Israel, has been asking this question as she puts together her own strategy for growing the remit of her organisation – read her perspective here and take part in our anonymous survey to help us build a picture of Place Branding Structure & Funding around the world.  All respondents will have the opportunity to win a complimentary ticket to attend a City Nation Place conference in Singapore, New York or London.

One of the most pressing issues that place brand strategists need to deal with is the increasing interest in the impact of their strategies on the places where they work, particularly from brand stakeholders, politicians and the media.

Read the perspective of leading place branding consultants who are increasingly having to address this issue for their clients and who believe that this will continue to be a major consideration for individuals and organisations funding the preparation, implementation and management of place and destination brand strategies.

On 8th November 2017, the day before the main City Nation Place agenda, the City Nation Place Think Tank convened for the third year.

This year the theme of the Think Tank was “The difference between place branding and place marketing”. The Think Tank was organised in association with the International Place Branding Association, guided by esteemed academics and place branding experts Robert Govers and Martin Boisen and was sponsored by The New York Times.

With the City Nation Place Global Forum just a few days away, here’s our final taster of insights you can anticipate at this year’s event.

According to Oxford Living Dictionaries, “resilience" is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”. For places, this translates to the ability to overcome and even to head-off adversity – whether that’s economic, political or social.

The purpose of this series of blog posts is to share our collective experience (including working with each other) as practicing place brand consultants on developing and implementing place and destination brand strategies. Our purpose is to inform current practice and contribute to the debate among practitioners and academics about what might be effective and cutting edge practice in the field.

The New York Times is hosting the pre-conference Think Tank session at this year’s City Nation Place Global conference where our delegates will be considering the differences between place branding, and place marketing. We caught up with Nahim Mehenni, Director for Place Branding at The New York Times and Raquel Bubar, Director, T Brand Studio International to discuss the media owner’s interest in this topic, to find out what The NEW YORK TIMES team has learned from working with clients in the tourism and investment promotion sector and to provide some tips on how place brands can get the most out of a relationship with a media company…

Many of you will remember that earlier this year we reached out to the global place branding community, to uncover your challenges and priorities for the next 5 years. A key insight was that, whilst not to the exclusion of other strategies and tactics, digital is expected to attract the largest share of budgets moving forward. 

logo Jessica Wardle Managing Partner, M&C Saatchi

We caught up with Jessica Wardle, Managing Partner at M&C Saatchi, who will be hosting a breakfast briefing at the upcoming City Nation Place Global conference in November, focused specifically on the FDI Decision Making Journey. We’re keen to understand what changes she's witnessing across the FDI sector and in the promotion of investment opportunities by cities, nations and regions.

With the City Nation Place Global Forum just around the corner, we’re looking at some of the key themes that will be threading themselves through this year’s agenda.

Engaging citizens and businesses in the place brand process, along with managing partnerships and private sector relationships, were identified as two key objectives for many of those who responded to our global place brand survey earlier this year.

Our team of place and destination branding consultants recently prepared a strategic advice note for a seminar in Dublin for the Irish government and key stakeholders to explore refreshing the country’s national brand of Eire, the Republic of Ireland.