8th November 2017

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Delegates to the City Nation Place Global conference joined the City Nation Place ThinkTank session, which took place the day before the main conference.

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1.30pm- Registration

2:00pm-  Interactive presentation: Place Marketing & Place Branding: same, same, yet different

2:30pm-  Discussion and exchange of thoughts and experiences amongst the participants

3:15pm-  Break

3.30pm- Interactive presentation: Getting organized: best practices and honest mistakes

3:45pm- Round table discussion on hands-on integration of Place Marketing and Place Branding

4:30pm-  Group reporting 

5:00pm- Expert session -answering and discussing questions raised in the groups as well as questions that the participants have been asked to send in advance 

5.30pm-  Close

Robert Govers Chairman , International Place Branding Association (IPBA)
Martin Boisen Co Founder, International Place Branding Association (IPBA)


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Delegates from 104+ companies attended.

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