Royal Docks Tour

The tour will begin at 08.30 on the 7th November at the Greenwich Peninsula Emirates Cable Car and continues until 11.30, when there will be a light lunch and refreshments at the Royal Albert Dock until 12.30.

Delegates can then use the Royal Albert DLR to travel to One Whitehall.

This tour of the Royal Docks will explore how the Mayor of London, in partnership with the Mayor of Newham - and in collaboration with local businesses and creative practitioners - is transforming this historic area of London into a globally significant business and cultural hub.

The Royal Docks is currently one of London’s largest opportunity areas and London’s only Enterprise Zone. Since its inception in the 1850’s, it has been a centre for global trade connected to its docks, however its role as docklands ceased in the 1970’s. Since then, its global legacy continues through investment in City Airport and the ExCel centre, alongside success in attracting global investors such as ABP. In addition, the Royal Docks is increasingly becoming home to small independent fashion studios, makers and manufacturers, and cultural and creative practitioners.

The Mayor of London and Mayor of Newham recently approved a £314million programme of investment in the Royal Docks over the next five years that will transform the area through an integrated approach to transport infrastructure, connectivity, economic development, placemaking, creative programming, promotion and estate management

The Mayor of London has set up an innovative multidisciplinary team to manage this process. The tour will give delegates an intimate look into the challenges and opportunities present in the Royal Docks and how city government, local communities, artists, makers and global businesses are coming together to find shared purpose and identity – and create great spaces and places.