Agenda Previews

With the City Nation Place Global Forum just a few days away, here’s our final taster of insights you can anticipate at this year’s event.

According to Oxford Living Dictionaries, “resilience" is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”. For places, this translates to the ability to overcome and even to head-off adversity – whether that’s economic, political or social.

Many of you will remember that earlier this year we reached out to the global place branding community, to uncover your challenges and priorities for the next 5 years. A key insight was that, whilst not to the exclusion of other strategies and tactics, digital is expected to attract the largest share of budgets moving forward. 

With the City Nation Place Global Forum just around the corner, we’re looking at some of the key themes that will be threading themselves through this year’s agenda.

Engaging citizens and businesses in the place brand process, along with managing partnerships and private sector relationships, were identified as two key objectives for many of those who responded to our global place brand survey earlier this year.


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