Program Day 1

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Day One: Tuesday, June 5th, 2018
*Please note that this agenda will be subject to revision as speakers are confirmed

  • 10:00

    Optional placemaking tours around New York City

  • 13:00

    Registration & networking

  • 13:30

    Welcome & Preview of the Agenda

    Sam Chandan
    Sam Chandan
    Larry & Kiara Silverstein Chair in Real Estate Development & Investment and Associate Dean, NYUSPS Schack Insititute of Real Estate
  • 14:00

    New Orleans: 300 years of place branding

    Learn from the inspirational story of one of the most iconic cities in the USA…

    • How the culture and people of New Orleans were the keystones for survival and rebuilding after Katrina
    • Lessons for marketing after a crisis: honesty is the best policy
    • Celebrating the tri-centenary and making the most of all the opportunities this creates for story-telling and for engaging key stakeholders
    • Emerging with a new vision for the future: building a new brand
  • 14:30

    Place branding is political, but how do you keep the politics out of place?

    • Managing the expectations and objectives of a diverse group of political stakeholders
    • Determining organizational structures that engage political support and ensure the long-term perspective
    • Responding to political policy that is having an impact on international perceptions of your brand
    • The importance of keeping the brand and brand communications apolitical, given the variety of stakeholders
  • 15:00

    New approaches to funding place brand strategy

  • 15:30

    Refreshments & networking

  • 15:50

    From Place Branding to Place Building

    Applying the essence of the 21st century to destination, space, and place.

    • Exploring the role that individual empowerment, digital connectivity, and scaled ambassadorship plays in emboldening us to nuance our approach to curating, sharing, and distributing diffused content in the 21st century
  • 16:15

    Perception vs performance

    Learn from the latest research on the factors that influence the perception of cities as places to live, visit and do business.

    Which of these factors are most highly correlated with a city’s performance in terms of attracting international tourism and investment?  The results may surprise you!

    Chris Fair
    Chris Fair
    CEO, Resonance Consultancy
  • 16:45

    Place branding in a crisis: lessons on rebuilding after Hurricane Irma

    Following the natural disaster that impacted the whole Caribbean region, what can we learn from the strategy for rebuilding the essential tourism economy?

    • Encouraging a longer-term view to rebuilding the tourism brand vs the short-term requirement to bring in revenues
    • Bringing together political will, and funding, behind a clear vision
    • Engaging with and educating the private sector to create resilience vs short-term return
    Richard  Cutting-Miller
    Richard Cutting-Miller
    EVP, Resonance Consultancy
  • 17:35

    America’s Best Cities

    Resonance President, Chris Fair, closes the day by revealing America’s Best Cities of 2018 in Resonance Consultancy’s anticipated annual ranking.

    Chris Fair
    Chris Fair
    CEO, Resonance Consultancy
  • 17:50

    Drinks & Networking Reception

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