Place Making Field Trip

Friday, June 16 - 09.30am

A private tour of the famous NY High Line – a unique ribbon of parkland and civic amenities winding through the city, built on a refurbished, elevated rail line dating from the 19302 that had long been scheduled for demolition and which is now one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The High Line has been described as one of the most innovative and people-pleasing urban reclamation projects in modern history – it came about as a partnership of neighbourhood activists, a supportive civic administration and public-private funding alliance – a demonstration of place making at its most complex and successful. This private guided tour will provide a unique insight into the ongoing management of the High Line. The tour will take 75 minutes, commencing at 09.30am. Tour delegates will be asked to find their own way to the start point at the High Line at Gansevoort This opportunity is limited to 40 delegates and places are available on a first come, first served basis. Tour price: $35


Book Now To Receive a Complimentary Copy of "The New Urban Crisis"

Every delegate will receive a copy of this brand new book by our keynote speaker, Richard Florida


logo Richard Florida PhD, Distinguished Fellow, NYUSPS Urban Lab, Clinical Research Professor,, NYUSPS Schack Institute of Real Estate

Richard Florida’s new book, The New Urban Crisis, explores the forces of inequality that are fraying the fibres of places from Seattle to South Beach, with urban real estate being gobbled up by the global wealthy while children of long-time locals are unable to get into the market. This is a new blueprint for cities who are victims of their own success, and just as pertinent as Rise of the Creative Class was more than a decade ago.

Celebrate America’s Best Cities

You’re invited to celebrate America’s Best Cities at a party in New York on June 14, as well as kick off the City Nation Place Americas conference in style.


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