• Thursday June 15, 2017

  • 8.30

    Registration & networking

  • 9.00


    Sam Chandon Larry & Kiara Silverstein Chair in Real Estate Development & Investment and Associate Dean, NYUSPS Schack Insititute of Real Estate
  • 09:05

    Introduction to the day: whistle stop tour of trends in international place brand strategy

    Clare Dewhirst
    Clare Dewhirst
    Founder and Director , City Nation Place
  • 09:15

    Opening Keynote:“The Story of the new New York”

    The bold, ambitious future of the world’s most famous place brand.

    Fred Dixon
    Fred Dixon
    CEO , NYC & Company
  • 09:35

    From nations to neighborhoods: the role of the nation brand

    Aaron Wodin-Schwartz
    Aaron Wodin-Schwartz
    VP Public Policy , Brand USA
  • 09:55

    Policy & place identity

    Moderated by:

    Richard  Cutting-Miller
    Richard Cutting-Miller
    EVP , Resonance Consultancy
  • Understanding the impact of policy on international perceptions

    Patricia  Rojas–Ungár
    Patricia Rojas–Ungár
    VP Pubic Affairs , US Travel Association
  • A case study of crisis management: when policy creates a backlash

    Wit Tuttell
    Wit Tuttell
    VP Tourism & Marketing , Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina
  • 10.30

    Refreshments & Networking

  • 11:00

    The Mayors’ Perspective: How politicians should be engaged in the place making and place branding process

    • Hear from the place leaders actively promoting  tourism, marketing and economic development in their cities.
    • What role should elected place leaders take  in the place branding process?

    Moderated by:

    Gordon   Innes
    Gordon Innes
    Economic Development Lead , Bloomberg Associates
    Mayor William Bell
    Mayor William Bell , Birmingham, Alabama
    Mayor Buddy  Dyer
    Mayor Buddy Dyer , Orlando, Florida
  • 11:45

    The Role of Key Industry within Place Brands

    Connecting your place brand with key industry sectors to attract talent and tourism and drive economic competitiveness.

    Moderated by:

    Lyneir  Richardson
    Lyneir Richardson
    Executive Director of The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED) , Rutgers Business School
    Olga Stella
    Olga Stella
    Detroit Creative Corridor
    Ernest  Wooden Jr
    Ernest Wooden Jr
    President & CEO , LA Tourism
    Diane Edwards
    Diane Edwards
    President , Jamaica Promotions Corporation (Jampro)
  • 12.30

    Lunch & Networking

  • 13:35

    What Success Looks Like... And How to Manage It

    From overrun local restaurants to strained public transit, the problem of too many tourists is a fast-growing challenge faced by cities and destinations all over the world. Frans Van Der Avert, CEO, Amsterdam Marketing reveals his iconic city’s globally lauded plan to listen to local stakeholders while sharing the city’s good visitors fortune with the rest of the country.

    Moderated by: 

    Melissa Cherry
    Melissa Cherry
    Chief Marketing Officer , DMAI
    Frans Van Der Avert
    Frans Van Der Avert
    CEO , Amsterdam Marketing
  • Streamed sessions

    • 14:05

      The Millennial Mindset

      Millennials have been identified as a key audience for talent attraction, tourism and economic development. But what defines the millennials’ sense of place? What makes your city, state or nation attractive as a place to live, work and play? Learn from new research into this elusive audience and from the experience of others.

      Jeff Miller
      Jeff Miller
      President & CEO , Travel Portland
      Ray Hoyt
      Ray Hoyt
      President , Visit Tulsa
      Chris  Fair
      Chris Fair
      President & CEO , Resonance Consulting
    • 14:05

      Bottom up branding: engaging citizens in the place branding process and creating place brand ambassadors

      This session presents different approaches to citizen engagement. Jeannette Hanna will share examples from around the world which demonstrate innovative ways to engage citizens in the place branding process. Dan Parham will show how tech can bring people together in place building and place branding, with real case study examples. Learn also from Edmonton, where an award-winning approach to involving citizens led to a new place brand identity which has delivered immediate economic benefits, and from Colorado, where the tourism strategy has been formulated in close consultation with the citizens.

      Jeannette  Hanna
      Jeannette Hanna
      Chief Strategist , Trajectory
      Brad Ferguson
      Brad Ferguson
      President & CEO , Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
      Dan Parham
      Dan Parham
      CEO & Head of Product , Neighborland
      Cathy Ritter
      Cathy Ritter
      Director , Colorado Tourism
  • Streamed sessions

    • 14:50

      Neighborhood Development: Models for Success In Revitalizing Local Brands

      How can you best leverage business improvement, creative innovation, and historic districts in your place branding and marketing strategy? How can the relationship between tourism and citizen and urban patterns be managed more successfully through the effective development of neighborhood attractions?

      Steven  Pedigo
      Steven Pedigo
      Director of the Urban Lab and Clinical Assistant Professor , Schack Institute of Real Estate
      Alan  Boniface
      Alan Boniface
      Principal , Dialog
      Nicole  Fichera
      Nicole Fichera
      Boston Innovation District / Seaport
      Susan Veres
      Susan Veres
      SVP Strategy & Business Development , Calgary Municipal Land Corporation
    • 14:50

      Six practical ways DMOS and EDOS can work together

      Destination marketing organizations and economic development organizations are both in the business of marketing a place. The decisions that they aim to influence may differ, but when you get right down to it, the two organizations have near-identical end goals of job creation and economic development. Whether you are working within a DMO or anEDO, or responsible for both, this session will look at how to deliver a more effective collaborative approach. The interactive“fishbowl format” of this session will enable you to learn from the lead speakers and the experience of other delegates.

      Andy Levine
      Andy Levine
      CEO , DCI
      Scott  Beck
      Scott Beck
      CEO , Visit Salt Lake City
      Ben Teague
      Ben Teague
      Executive Director , Ashville-Buncombe County Coalition for Economic Development
  • 15.35

    Refreshments & Networking

  • 16:00

    Telling the story of your place in the digital age

    We are the digital generation of marketers – but keeping up with communication channel options and working out how best to engage others to help you tell your story is a constant challenge. This session will focus specifically on how social and digital media can be harnessed to tell the story of your place and ask how much you can let go of your brand in the digital world, and how much you can control it.

    Tom  Gierasimczuk
    Tom Gierasimczuk
    Vice President & Chief Content Officer , Resonance Consultancy
    Andrew  Weir
    Andrew Weir
    EVP & CMO , Tourism Toronto
    Julie  Calvert
    Julie Calvert
    Executive Director , Source Cincinnati
    Annie Fitzsimmons
    Annie Fitzsimmons
    Editor at Large , National Geographic Traveller
  • 16:45

    Closing keynote: The New Urban Crisis

    Richard Florida
    Richard Florida
    PhD, Distinguished Fellow, NYUSPS Urban Lab, Clinical Research Professor, , NYUSPS Schack Institute of Real Estate
  • 17.30

    Key Takeaways

    Chris Fair President & CEO, Resonance Consulting
  • 17.40

    Closing drinks reception & networking

    Hosted by NYC & Company
  • 18.30


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logo Richard Florida PhD, Distinguished Fellow, NYUSPS Urban Lab, Clinical Research Professor,, NYUSPS Schack Institute of Real Estate

Richard Florida’s new book, The New Urban Crisis, explores the forces of inequality that are fraying the fibres of places from Seattle to South Beach, with urban real estate being gobbled up by the global wealthy while children of long-time locals are unable to get into the market. This is a new blueprint for cities who are victims of their own success, and just as pertinent as Rise of the Creative Class was more than a decade ago.


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