City Nation Place provides information, inspiration and essential networking for the global community of place branding practitioners.  Whether you are responsible for the place brand or place marketing strategy for your nation, city or region; whether you are directly accountable for public diplomacy, talent attraction, tourism promotion, destination marketing, FDI promotion or economic development strategy, City Nation Place provides you with access to case studies and world leading specialist expertise to help you.  

Attend our global and regional conferences to meet other professionals addressing the same marketing, policy and business challenges.  

Upcoming conferences:

City Nation Place Americas, New York, 5-6 June 2018, FIND OUT MORE

City Nation Place Asia Pacific, Singapore 16-17 May 2018 FIND OUT MORE

CIty Nation Place Global, London, 8 November 2018, FIND OUT MORE

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“A good overview of where place branding is heading today. Interesting speakers and topics that give you an insight into other organisations and places. I will certainly put the conference on my agenda for coming years.” - Inga Hlin Palsdottir, Director, Promote Iceland 

“Overall very good. Great to meet so many people from all over the world who are dealing with the same thing. It definitely gave food for thought.” - Ardi Eleveid , Foreign Investor Relations Manager, Invest Utrecht 

“A great international conference in a Great British setting - the range of experts on place branding in one room was unparalleled.” - Lizzie Kumaria, Director, Objective Subject

“I was very pleased with my participation in the event and opportunity to network. Many I will stay in touch with and are providing helpful advice. I hope to attend NY and bring a colleague with me
as I found London so positive.” 
Clare Barnett, Ontario Investment Office

“We'll run with good presentations and lively discussions. Break out sessions excellent. Network opportunities first class “ James Fogarty, Cork County Council

“Having attended the conference for the first time I do not have any possibilities of comparison but to me the level of speakers and of the audience itself was high and professional.” - Henning Ravn, Berlin & Partners

“Excellent presentations and extremely timely, relevant topics!” - Mark Ickes, Explore Altoona 

“I thought the speakers were wonderful and the content was rich”. - Caroline Joy, City of Westminster 

It was insightful and very useful for professionals who plan country or city branding”. - Keneshia Nooks, Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) 

“I liked the focus of the conference. In today's market it is important to develop strategies for place building rather than simply focusing on tourism promotion”. - Mary Rittmann, Visit Tucson

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City Nation Place is a limited company registered in the UK.  We are an entrepreneurial organisation dedicated to creating world-leading events for this niche, but growing market of government teams, government funded organisations, agencies and consultancies focused on building a competitive identity and managing the reputation of place.  We work with the support of our ADVISORY BOARD, which includes place leaders, academics developing management theories for effective place branding and public diplomacy and consultants with a wealth of experience from working with clients around the world on place brand strategy. 

To find out more, or to discuss partnering with us, please get in touch! Email us at info@citynationplace.com


16-17 May
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5-6 June
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8 November
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8 November
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