In Asia Pacific, seismic shifts in the global status quo have injected a new sense of urgency in terms of addressing place branding issues. Changing priorities and perceptions around the world are creating a unique opportunity for nations, cities, provinces and destinations in Asia Pacific to differentiate themselves on the world stage.

City Nation Place Asia Pacific will be a new event, designed to address these challenges and focus on the opportunities. Bringing together ministerial teams for tourism, trade, investment and foreign relations with mayoral teams and city marketing boards, tourism and investment promotion organisations, the conference will provide a unique perspective on holistic place branding strategy, and on the collaborative approaches that will deliver the best solutions.

Topics covered will include:

  • Achieving a cohesive, consistent and authentic place brand 
  • Collaborative place branding 
  • The private sector’s role in place branding and public diplomacy 
  • Effective place brand communication 
  • Digital diplomacy and place branding 
  • The role of major events in place brand strategy 
  • Where culture, fashion and food t into place brand strategy 
  • The link between place making and place branding 
  • Place branding and sustainability 
  • Stakeholder engagement and managing politicisation of place branding 
  • Citizen engagement in place brand strategy 
  • Activating diasporas and nurturing place brand ambassadors 

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